Powder, not polish your Nails..

Build Your Powder kit

Whats so special about Casa Nails?

>Home manicures in less than 5 minutes

>Non toxic, vegan friendly formula

>No layering required

>Doesn’t damage your natural nails

>Smooth salon quality nails 60 seconds to dry

>Chip resistant and lasts up to two weeks

Powder your nails, don't polish.

Easy Application

We've made salon nails look so easy! Wait - they are easy! You don't need any special nail art skills or worry about painting 'in the lines'. With 5 easy steps, the powder is easily applied to your natural or artificial nails.

No Polish, No Mess

It's not a dip and it's not a polish; which takes out the toxic and nail damaging ingredients. Its a powder you rub onto your nails using a little smudge tool (or your fingers) Your entire manicure will take you 5 minutes!


Save time & Money!

A little goes a long way! Our powder pots can last up to 300 nail applications. That's 30 manicures! Our kits come with two beautiful colors of your choice so one kit can last you over 2 years costing you less than $3 a manicure.